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Klaja Ecopark and Tourist Spots
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Is an ecological preservation park located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) off the central business district on the north-east side of city in Barangay Conel. Klaja Karsts Land derived its name from “Kalaha” or frying pot as it looked like one due to the surrounding towers of karsts formation naturally formed millions of years ago. It produced natural waterfalls and caves. Opposite to this area is the Ranch and camping ground of Nopol Hills which borders Barangays Conel and Mabuhay. Nopol hills offer visitors a wide scenic overview of the entire city, as well as the Sarangani Bay and parts of South Cotabato and Sarangani Province. The view of the city is even more breath-taking at night time where colorful bright lights of the bustling metropolis are visible from the top.


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Beaches in General Santos - Philippines

General Santos City has a lot of beach sites in its area where you can dip your feet in, wade in, dive in, or snorkel at. Most have an abundance of live water species and soft coral beds. If you want to explore them, here are some of the wonderful beach sites to go to:


Susan's Beach

It is a favorite of some of the Ex-pat's because it is owned by the wife of an ex-pat (remember that ex-pats can't own property!) We will add a more complete description when we get one from Irv and Susan Nichols.

London Beach
Friendly people, fresh beach air, exciting water activities that you can choose to enjoy – these are only a few of the things that you can get to enjoy when you go to this General Santos beach known as London Beach. It is actually a beach cum resort that you would truly love for short vacations and long holidays. Safety is a must at this place. That is why you would see a bamboo safety boom to enclose the area. This protective boom gets replaced every time because its old safety boom had already sunk in the waters and became an artificial reef to its diverse marine life the scorpion fish, moray eels, and others.


Tropicana Beach
The Tropicana Beach in Gensan has its own resort in the area. It has one of the loveliest sunsets that can be seen in the Philippines. Its most interesting feature is its quiet and serene atmosphere which makes it a good choice for those who seek to relax and spend some quiet time. Day or night, you would be able to feel its cool sea breeze that can prove to be so comforting to experience.

Margus Beach
While the town of Glan itself is characterized flatlands, rolling hills and mountains, its southside boasts of pristine, unspoiled beaches and rich fishing grounds characteristic of the powdery white sands found along the Sarangani Bay area. Margus Beach, which is located near barangay Gumasa is no less inviting to beach lovers for its fine white sand and warm tranquil waters as it is to no less than 2,400 marine creatures. The rich fishing grounds in the Margus area is home to yellow-fin tuna, skipjack and marlin which are the staple of amateur and sport fishers alike.

Sarangani Bay
Sarangani Bay has a 230-kilometer long idyllic shoreline of fine white sand beaches facing the calm and serene waters of the Celebes Sea. Largely undiscovered by tourists, its clean and unspoiled white sand beaches, undeveloped coves, caves and rock formations hidden by clusters of coconut groves are among the most beautiful and finest in the Philippines. It is the perfect weekend hideaway where one can swim or laze under the tropical sun and breath the fresh sea air or just simply unwind and bond with family and friends. The clear blue water of the bay area with its teeming marine life and Spanish wrecks is also fast becoming a popular attraction for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The warm, clear and tranquil water of the bay is a haven for colorful reef fishes, sea turtles and dugongs. Manta and eagle rays, barracuda, marlin, tuna and dolphins are also a common sight underneath the azure waters of Sarangani Bay as well as large squid that flock during the months of June and July to lay eggs on the stag horn corals that serve as sanctuary to many sea creatures.

Because of its rich marine life, coastal communities along the shore are dependent on the bay for their income and livelihood. Using small wooden pump boats, fisher folk use the traditional cast net fishing to support their families. Several resorts and beach sanctuaries can also be found in the area that provides affordable accommodations for a simple family vacation or a romantic and ultimate getaway for beach lovers. While the Sarangani Bay area may not be as luxurious as topnotch tourist spots in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, affordable--and even dirt-cheap prices in and around the area, the warm and hospitable people will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

If you are yearning for a holiday vacation in an unspoiled aquatic playground where you and your family and friends can have lots of sun, sea and sand the Sarangani Bay area is the perfect destination for you.

Gumasa Beach
A glance at people lazing around the long stretch of fine white sand and deep blue waters that mirror a dazzling azure sky and plumes of brilliant white clouds would make one think of a picture perfect shot of the world famous Boracay—only not as crowded even on a hot summer weekend. Aptly called the “Boracay of Mindanao,” this spectacular 6-kilometer long crescent shaped beach located in barangay Gumasa in the town of Glan on Sarangani’s eastern shore is only about an hour’s drive from General Santos City.

TBoli Beach Resort
The TBoli Beach Resort in General Santos City is also a good choice to check out when you visit this city. Unlike most of the other beach sites in the Philippines, the TBoli Beach Resort has cheaper accommodations. This also has a small reef, and the place is deemed to be good for water sports.

Rajah Beach Resort
Rajah Beach Resort is another of General Santos quality resorts and beach sites to go to. Its wide stretch of sand and small corals makes it an inviting place to stay in. This is also one of those dive sites that many divers in the beginners level and the more advanced levels prefer to go to for a wet and pleasurable adventure into the deep.

Maharlika Beach Resort
This is actually the biggest resort in General Santos City and is said to be the best of the beach sites. On shore, there is a fresh water swimming pool to enjoy. For divers, there is a larger area where lots of water species including the snappers, wrasse, Moorish idols, sweetlips, groupers, emperors, yellowtail barracuda, mackerel, cow fish, turretfish, filefish, and more can be seen.
Beach sites in General Santos City are truly a divers paradise. But for those who do not wish to dive, there are also swimming pools within the resorts to please you. Many like the live water species they see in the waters. Others just like to hang around the sites. Whatever you choose to do, going to these places can surely be a delightful experience for you.

Saravia Falls
When you opt to go on off-peak periods to the beaches in General Santos, don’t forget to try out that popular spot known to locals as the Saravia Falls. This picture-perfect spot for those who love all kinds of water sports can be seen in Koronadal. It is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking of seven beautiful falls that is located around Lake Sebu in Gensan. Aside from being enthralled by its breathtaking view, you can also enjoy the comforting offers of the place since this has been converted into a resort for those who would like to spend more than a few minutes at this lovely tourist spot.


Baliton Beach
Included among the seven beautiful beaches in General Santos, the Baliton Beach is also a must-see. You can easily find this since it is sprawled near Margus and Gumasa in Gensan – two other well-known beaches in the vicinity. Its waters are perfectly clear and unspoiled. And the air usually brings a wonderful beach aroma from the ocean shore. Aside from enjoying its sights on land, you can also choose to enjoy its secrets of the deep where a rich exotic marine life lives peacefully. There are dolphins, eagle rays, sea turtles, and others. You may also get to see some whales that roam the area.

Tuka Beach
Another worthy General Santos beach to go to is the Tuka Beach. It can be seen in Sarangani, just a little bit off Kiamba. What’s interesting about this place is that it is divided into four beautiful spots simply known as Tuka Beach 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Tampuan or Tinoto Wall Complex.
Known to many as The Wall, this dive site has a reported depth level of around 200m. You can see this about 50km from city of General Santos in Tinoto Village. The wall is actually a bed of interesting things to see such as the sea fans, sponges, hydroids, tunicates, and other life forms where the reef fish, cucumbers, nudibranchs, and crustaceans live. It is really an awesome sight to behold. As you wade in the waters, you would get to see other larger life forms such as the bump head parrotfish, eagle and mantra rays, tuna, shoaling fish, and occasional hammerhead sharks.

Veterans Beach
A beautiful, relaxing, and perfect diving site is Veterans Beach. This is one of the choices of many tourists when it comes to their favorite beaches in General Santos City. Located at the end of the Tampuan Wall or Tinoto Wall Complex, this particular beach is known as a popular Sulifman Diving Site to frequent beachgoers. Cottages around the area are suitably priced at inexpensive rates of around 150 in Philippine pesos. Aside from diving at the beach, you can also do other water sports like snorkeling with friends or family. There are many people who choose to go there during holidays and such. So if you like crowds, you may as well choose to go there during peak months. There are so many things to see at this favorite beach spot. Odd pieces of blast damage can be found at its upper areas. There are around 20 or more uneven steps that you must take note of when taking a dive. These steps lead you to its diving site where it slopes off gently.

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